10″ Danish Taper Candles – Pastel Purple


Twilight Collection Danish Tapers – Pastel Purple

A elegant burn from a classic Danish taper candle. Hand-dipped in Denmark to produce a smokeless, dripless, solid coloured candle.

10” Danish Taper – 2 pair per box (4 candles)

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Twilight Collection Candles


Twilight Collection Danish Taper Candles are perfect for any occasion.

Twilight Collection Danish Tapers are 3/4″ in diameter and fit most standard candle holders and candelabras.

Non-scented, hypo-allergenic and burn about 1″ per hour.

Packaged in a clear gift box.


Twilight Collection

Twilight Collection is a family-run business that was started to share the bounties of our constant exploration to find and bring great new, quality products to the market. Twilight Collection Candles are produced using a drawing process which is one of the oldest candle production techniques. They are made to burn smokeless, dripless and burn with a calm flame in still air. During the drawing process the wick is repeatedly drawn through hot wax.Twilight is that magical time between light and dark. To painters, it is the “blue hour”, to photographers it is known as “sweet light”. It is at these times that we traditionally came together to take the time to acknowledge the beginning or end of a day. Our Twilight Collection is built around the idea that our finely crafted candles capture that same sweet light for everyone to enjoy. So take the time to slow down, light one of our candles, and bask in Twilight.
Twilight Collection Candles