Borowski Pelican Bowl


Pelican Bowl

Borowski: Studio Line

Product Type: Hand-blown glass bowl

Dimensions: 18 x 60 x 18 cm

Color: Blue & Yellow

The Borowski version of a playful pelican – this colourful bird does double-duty as an expressive piece of art and fun, useful bowl.

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Borowski Glass Studio


Artist Bio:
Pawel Borowski (born 1969 in Krosno, Poland) and his brother Stani Jan Borowski (born 1981 in Krosno, Poland) are part-owners of their family business Glasstudio Borowski, located in Poland. They design glass pieces for all three parts of the collection: the Artist Editions, the Studio Line and the Outdoor Objects. Sometimes one of the brothers is responsible solely for a particular piece although often they collaborate. Their work is available in select galleries and is included in major private collections as well as international art museums. Their work reflects the tradition begun with their father, a master glassblower for many decades whose work is highly regarded and collected internationally. Their pieces show a love of color as well as a playful approach to glass. Several techniques including blowing, sandblasting and engraving are often incorporated. The results are unique and highly desired by lovers of glass.

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Borowski Glass Studio

Glass Studio Borowski is one of the leading companies for modern studio glass with an international scope. It is the only private glass manufacturer of this type in Poland, one of only a few in Europe and perhaps one of twenty worldwide.Borowski Glass Studio creates using almost all known techniques of cold and hot glass processing. This enables the artists to realize challenging visions and experiment with new concepts.In addition to unique master pieces, collections take shape that flow into the three lines of the family business: Art Objects, Studio Line & Outdoor Objects.
Borowski Glass Studio

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