Canadian Flapjack Pancake Mix


A truly Canadian experience, the flavours of maple and pecan will roll across your tastebuds just like a lumberjack dances along fallen lumber logs. Grab your plaid apron and whip up some flapjacks, eh!

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Lannie Rae Gourmet Kitchen


Lannie Rae Gourmet Pancake and Waffle Mixes are blended from an old fashioned, traditional recipe developed and used for years by Lannie Rae.

This standard size mix is a perfect pantry staple. Each mix contains approximately 2 cups of mix for one batch of pancakes or waffles.

While the standard instructions for making the mixes calls for eggs, butter and buttermilk, any of these ingredients can be replaced with choice alternatives according to desired diet or to accommodate most dietary restrictions.

Mixes are blended in a certified, Alberta regulated and CIFA licensed kitchen space. Lannie Rae’s kitchen does process products that contain nuts, spices and seeds. Caution is urged.

Ingredients: enriched unbleached white flour, granulated sugar, whole oats, baking powder, salt, natural dried flavouring, chopped pecans, nutmeg.

This product DOES contain nuts – pecans and nutmeg.


Lannie Rae Gourmet

Kitchens are said to be the heart of the home and Lannie Rae Gourmet Kitchen extends the warmth of her kitchen to you.The best meals are those homestyle creations shared and cherished with special people. Lannie Rae Gourmet Kitchen creates convenient and delicious slow food products that you can easily whip up at home for everyday use or special occasions. Truly artisanal with an incredibly unique range of flavours that are hand blended.
Lannie Rae Gourmet Kitchen

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