I Am Eagle Puzzle


Spread Your Wings and Fly! Unique, animal head-shaped, 550-piece* jigsaw puzzle for ages 10 and up. Poster size!

  • * 549 pieces, actual piece count
  • Finished size: 68.5cm x 76.2cm
  • Fun facts and image reference card included.
  • Great fun for everyone. Ages 10 and up.

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Madd Capp Puzzles


Each puzzle comes with an educational Fun Facts insert. On one side is a fold-out puzzle image to hang as a poster or use as a reference. On the flipside is a wealth of amazing facts. Did you know, for instance, that when eagles lose a feather on one wing, they lose a feather from the other wing too?


Madd Capp Puzzles

Whether you are an avid jigsaw enthusiast looking to be challenged or just looking to spend quality time with your family, Madd Capp Puzzles has just what you are looking for in those moments. Create special memories that will last a lifetime.
Madd Capp Puzzles

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