Lemonceillo Gift Box No. 4


Show your thinking of them by sending a Lemonceillo Comfort Gift Box with some of our shop faves! Lemonceillo Gift Box No. 4 includes:

  • Generation Bee Soaking Salts – Bee Invigorated
  • Generation Bee Soaking Salts – Bee Restored
  • Thymes Lemon Leaf Hand Wash
  • Nawrap Dishcloth – Citrus
  • Primal Elements Happy Face Bar Soap

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Generation Bee Soaking Salts – Bee Invigorated & Bee Restored
When you’re ready for a luxurious bath simply pour the contents of the vial into the mesh soaking pouch and drop it in the tub. The salts, pollen, and clay will dissolve in the water and absorb into your skin, leaving you relaxed, soft, and moisturized. The amazing soaking salts are hand layered into a beautiful glass vial and packaged perfectly for gifting. Mesh soaking pouch included.


Thymes Lemon Leaf Hand Wash
Sunny and sparkling, this uplifting fragrance creates a green, citrus-filled escape for the home. Deeply cleansing without drying out skin, this formula contains vegetable protein and extracts of lemon balm leaf and parsley that removes odors and creates a clean, fragrant lather on hands. Refillable glass dispenser. 443 ml.


Nawrap Dishcloth – Citrus
Our best-selling dishcloths last longer and smell fresh because they are infused with binchotan charcoal – a natural antimicrobial and anti-odor property of the Japanese Oak used in the making of these super absorbent dishcloths.


Primal Elements Happy Face Bar Soap
A cheerful long-lasting smile with a citrusy lemon attitude. Moisturizes the skin with a rich lather that rinses cleanly away leaving the skin silky smooth.


Generation Bee

Generation Bee is a full line of elegant bath and beauty products. From elegant soaking salts to incredible creams and moisturizers Generation Bee is founded on the belief that the highest quality ingredients make the best products. By replacing chemical additives and harmful detergents with bee pollen, essential oils and natural ingredients, Generation Bee products leave your skin feeling moisturized and healthy.

Generation Bee Skin Care

Lemonceillo Home & Gift

A local independent boutique specializing in luxury essentials for your home. Located on Calgary’s original Main Street, 9th Ave SE in the heart of Inglewood.

Lemonceillo Home & Gift


Founded in the 1930s Nawrap originally manufactured mosquito nets in the Nara prefecture of Japan. Since then they have moved into the cloth and textile industry, where they have maintained a long history of quality and attention to detail. Nawrap now reaches homes in Asia and North America with their innovative line of cloths and towels. Nawrap towels feature a traditional weaving technique not seen outside of Japan.

Nawrap textiles

Primal Elements

Primal Elements is dedicated to providing the highest quality bath, home fragrance and skin care products. They draw inspiration from the revitalizing benefits of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy and botanical infusions.

Primal Elements bath and body care products are high quality, effective, and are based on caring, sound environmental practices. Products are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients. Pure essential oils and natural botanicals are replenishable resources.

Primal Elements


Over the course of 30 years Thymes has flourished into an independent company committed to artisan craftsmanship and dedicated to deepening connections through a love of fragrance and creating fragrances that enrich the quality of your daily experience.

Thymes has always formulated fragrances with the utmost of care. Drawn from nature, the unique formulations are artfully crafted to create products that are skin-compatible, environmentally friendly, effective and a pleasure to use. Expect high-quality, plant-based ingredients containing botanical extracts with health-enhancing nutrients, vitamins and vital antioxidants.