Inglewood Lemon Freeze


Named for our inspiration and Calgary's oldest and most charming neighbourhood! And like the neighbourhood, the Inglewood Lemon Freeze is a familiar yet unique and fun experience. Simply delicious – no ice, no blender. Just mix, freeze and enjoy. Cheers to Inglewood!

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Lemonceillo Home & Gift


  1. Pour the Inglewood Lemon Freeze powder into a 1.9 litre (8 cup) container.
  2. Mix in 1.4 litres (6 cups) of hot water and .35 litres (1.5 cups) of your favourite vodka.
  3. Freeze uncovered overnight. Once frozen, cover and store in the freezer until ready to serve.


Lemonceillo Home & Gift

A local independent boutique specializing in luxury essentials for your home. Located on Calgary's original Main Street, 9th Ave SE in the heart of Inglewood.
Lemonceillo Home & Gift