Murano Glass Crystal Candle Holder


  • Hand painted crystal candle holder
  • Traditional Venetian colors
  • High quality, handblown crystal
  • Made in on the island of Murano, off Venice, Italy
  • CC Zecchin

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CC Zecchin Venetian Glass


Hand painted in classic Murano jewel tones, this elegant crystal candle holder exemplifies the truly original and timeless style of Venice, Italy.


CC Zecchin

Each piece is individually made by the craftsman, and no two pieces will ever be the same; each one has its own unique qualities which is what makes it so precious. Today, Venetian glass items are exported worldwide; Due Zeta has been dedicated to making and decorating Murano glassware professionally since 1993. The company is headed by Andrea Zecchin who has extended its reputation around the world.
CC Zecchin Venetian Glass

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