Nawrap Tea Towel Citrus w/ Binchotan Charcoal


Infused with binchotan charcoal Рa natural antimicrobial and anti-odor property of the Japanese Oak, these four-layered tea towels are extremely durable and absorbent.

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Nawrap textiles


  • 35cm x 70cm
  • 4 ply for extra absorbency and durability
  • 100% natural: no dye, bleach, or any other chemicals used
  • Binchotan acts as a natural cleaning agent
  • Materials: cotton infused with ultra-fine binchotan powder
  • Hang dry. Do not bleach.
  • Dries quickly after use



Founded in the 1930s Nawrap originally manufactured mosquito nets in the Nara prefecture of Japan. Since then they have moved into the cloth and textile industry, where they have maintained a long history of quality and attention to detail. Nawrap now reaches homes in Asia and North America with their innovative line of cloths and towels. Nawrap towels feature a traditional weaving technique not seen outside of Japan.
Nawrap textiles

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