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The Color me Impressed Papaya Reusable Paper Towels:

  • 1 sheet replaces 17 ROLLS of paper towels!
  • Comes with 2 reusable paper towels and 1 hook for fast-drying and easy storing!
  • All Natural and 100% composable!
  • Naturally antibacterial – no smell!
  • Use for kitchen spills, dishes, appliances, messy kids, bathrooms and more!

Made in Germany

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5 Places to Hang Your Papaya Reusable Paper Towels Hook:

  1. Kitchen Backsplash: When using for everyday messes in the kitchen.
  2. By Your Counters: For easy-access when wiping down counters after food prep.
  3. Inside the Kitchen Cupboard: For those who want to hide away their messes.
  4. Next to the Highchair: Use on sticky hands, faces, trays and floors.
  5. In Your Bathroom: For all sink, counter, and shower cleaning needs. This makes it easy to wipe water off the counter after using the sink.

How to Wash:

For everyday use, rinse with soap and water, or even just water, and hang to dry.

For a deeper clean (once a week), you can either machine wash your reusable paper towel or you can put it in the top rack of your dishwasher. Air dry only.

Made out of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, making them 100% compostable!