Organic Olive Oil


100% organic extra virgin olive oil, produced in Puglia, Italy. This blend of olive oil is made using local Coratina olives, grown on centuries-old trees that Puglia is known for.

Sardel olive oil has a unique balance of spice, fruitiness, and bitterness, which will enhance and accent the flavors of whatever it is you’re cooking.

Perfect for salad dressings and marinades; pesto and other olive oil-based sauces; dipping bread or vegetables; garnishing cooked foods before serving; and much more!

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Sardel Cookware & Olive Oil


Ingredients: 100% Organic Ogliarola and Coratina Olives from Puglia, Italy.

  • USDA Certified Organic.
  • Cold extracted within twelve hours of harvesting.
  • Bottled in UV-coated glass, to protect the olive oil from sunlight.
  • High polyphenol count.
  • 0.24% acidity level.



Sardel partner with small family businesses in Italy to develop products that are native to their local communities. They have developed personal relationships with our partners and our goal is to share their family traditions with you.
Sardel Cookware & Olive Oil