Snow Globe – Gold Buddha


The Buddha. What can one say about the Buddha? 

His spirit has journeyed through the world for over two millennia.

Poets have celebrated him. Writers retell the story of his soul’s journey. In his honor we have illuminated him with golden light and wish that compassion and kindness find all who gaze upon him.

This is one of our favorite globes.

Glass Globe: 10cm diameter
Total Dimensions: 10 cm W x 10 cm L x 12.5 cm H

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Inspired by exquisite Vermont winters and glorious autumn colors, Liz Ross and David Westby founded their snow globe company and challenged themselves to make a water globe that would capture those rapturous days.

Each year they create limited edition snow globes to add to their collection and some inevitably become classics. 

Art object, a toy for grown-ups or a soothing source of stillness, their snow globe creations offers a fresh spin on an old favorite.

They are dedicated to creating arresting and beautiful globes. Chillingly Beautiful!